Skin Wellness MD, located in Lusby, opened their doors with a ribbon-cutting and well-attended open house Sept. 17. Visitors enjoyed conversation, food and beverages, and demonstrations of several procedures, including Botox, Voluma, and a chemical peel. They also offered complimentary ten-minute massages by Skin Wellness’ certified massage therapist. Their certified nutritionist was also available to discuss questions and concerns regarding vitamins and weight-loss programs.

The evening concluded with staff cutting the ribbon together in front of the business. Calvert County Chamber President  William Chambers, was there to present them with a plaque to commemorate the occasion. 

“This is truly an up-and-coming area, and we are thrilled to be able to serve Southern Maryland residents,” stated Kelly Sutter, owner of Skin Wellness MD.

Barbara and Jessica went back to Skin Wellness MD to get skin care treatments; their experiences are below.

Barbara Muller’s experience:

On Friday, September 25th, Jessica and I went to Skin Wellness for our skin care treatments. I’ve never had any sort of facial done, whether at a spa, medi-spa, or dermatologist, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The atmosphere inside of Skin Wellness was professional, yet relaxing; the music soothed you and the decor was beautiful and modern. Clients fill out their paperwork in the foyer, a comfortable lounge setting, and are offered beverages. Jan was so welcoming and was available to answer questions or address concerns we had.

Natalie came out to greet us and brought us back to her room. Before she began the procedure, she reviewed my questionnaire and asked about my current skincare routine, along with how I would like to improve my skin. My skin tone has never been very even, so I said I would like to work on that, along with overall health; everyone wants smooth skin and a soft glow!

Natalie explained each step of the process before starting, and she began with dermaplaning. This procedure takes the dead cells off of your skin and removes all of the “peach fuzz” from your face. It was an extremely gentle scratching sensation, nothing uncomfortable at all. Next, she did an exfoliation treatment, which was almost like a small vacuum for your face with very fine, powdered crystal, followed by an extraction procedure for any current blemishes or problem areas. After that, she applied an active gel. The gel stung a little bit (it’s deep cleaning your face after the extraction) but this was soothed soon after with a hydrating mask and hot towel.

Right afterwards, my face was a bit red for twenty minutes or so, but the feeling was fantastic. My skin felt so fresh and clean; even though you can put makeup back on after the procedure, I didn’t want to. As the week went on, there was some minor dryness (which can be expected) but my skin has never felt smoother. Makeup goes on so easily, and I haven’t had a single blemish come up. I actually have told some friends and family about not only the procedure, but the wonderful staff as well; highly recommended!

Thank you so much to Jan and Natalie for being so welcoming and for all of your help. I will absolutely be back!

Pictures of my skin throughout the process can be seen below!

Jessica Goodell’s experience:

Barbara and I went back to Skin Welless MD about a week after the ribbon cutting to get skin care treatments. I had never been to a spa before, let alone a medi-spa, so I had absolutely no idea what to expect.

Jan, the manager of the Lusby location, was there to welcome us as we arrived and gave us some paperwork to fill out. As it is a medi-spa you do have to give your medical history etc. but that only took about five minutes to fill out. We waited in their luxurious, and I do mean luxurious (pictures are below), foyer with soft, relaxing music playing and were offered beverages. Jan made herself completely accessible to answer any questions or get us anything we might need.

Natalie, a medical esthetician, brought us back to one of their procedure rooms. As it is a place where medical procedures take place you would think it would feel like a doctor’s office but it actually is the opposite. There is a table to lie on while you get your treatment but it is covered in a blanket with a pillow rather than crinkly paper and instead of a wooden chair in a corner for anyone else in the room to sit there was a couch with several pillows.

Natalie was given our paperwork so that she could see any allergies etc. before beginning the treatment. She asked me what skin care products I use and what I would like to change about my skin. I told her I have black heads that I would like to get rid of as well as some oily areas.

What I really enjoyed about this treatment was that Natalie explained what she was doing every step of the way.

She first cleaned off any face makeup I had on and then began dermaplaning. This was something I had never heard of before but would definitely do again. Basically what it does is removes all the “peach fuzz” and the top layer of dead skin from your face. It was incredible, my face feels so smooth!

Next she used this machine that was kind of like a small vacuum that exfoliated my skin using suction and crystals. Then she did “extractions”. She got rid of my breakouts/black heads with this little metal tool then she put on this “active” mask that cleaned everything out and stung a little bit. After that she put on a hydrating mask followed by a hot towel that felt amazing.

She ended the treatment with creams and lotions customized to my skin type, which was awesome because I have fair skin and sometimes things I put on my face causes a lot of redness but because she chose things specifically for me based on my skin that didn’t happen.

I was a little red after the treatment but I have red undertones anyway so I expected that. My face was dry in a few places for a couple days but Natalie and Jan said that may happen. After a week my skin feels incredible and all of my breakouts have cleared up. I will definitely go back for another treatment! Not only did it help my skin but the staff there was amazing and so helpful and welcoming.

Pictures of my skin throughout the process can be seen below! I do not have foundation on in any of the photos.