hidden treasures

Hughesville, MD – Chuck Rossi of Hidden Treasures in Hughesville doesn’t just have anything, he has everything. It’s the hidden secret of Southern Maryland, where quality brand name goods from tools to camping tents can be found—often from a third to half of what they would cost in a retail store. DVDs are a dollar.

“My grandfather did it,” Rossi said. “He owned an antiques store in Pennsylvania. My mom had the flea market bug.”

Rossi, an Army veteran of 24 years, continued his mother’s practice of flea marketing in 2005 and had a booth at the Charlotte Hall Farmer’s Market, where he said thefts were so bad he finally had to relocate.

In 2010 he met Don Shymansky, who owned All-American Harley Davidson in Hughesville and had just purchased the old Hughesville Tobacco Auction Warehouse. Shymansky agreed to build a store inside the warehouse and for six months, Rossi had 2,000 square feet, which has since grown to 10,000 square feet.

He bought out several businesses, such as the local Fashion Bug chain, and so he went from flea market to clothing store and then some.

“I was going to Lowe’s and buying up their liquidation items and they saw me in there and got to know me and eventually asked me what I was doing and I told them,” Rossi recalled. “They told they did a quarterly inventory and they would sell me their leftover stock for a considerable reduction.”

hidden treasuresRossi has now been working with Lowes for five years and has a similar deal with Sam’s Club.

“They contacted me,” he said. “If an item doesn’t sell it gets kicked out of the store. I buy pallets of stuff now.”

If you need it, chances are Rossi and Hidden Treasures probably has it, everything from tools, clothing, lawn equipment (including mowers and trimmers), household items, cleaning materials, pots, pans—right down to the carpenter’s level—all for considerably less than you would pay in a retail store. “I sell on eBay, too,” he noted, pointing to two large cases of printer cartridges due to a customer in Milwaukee.

“I do some estate sales, but I’m very choosy,” he added.

There are drawbacks to the barns, Rossi admitted, one factor being the extreme heat of summer, but even in the swelter, huge fans are keeping the barn cool.

You owe it to yourself to check out what hidden treasures are waiting for you. They are located at 8275 Old Leonardtown Road in the Bargain Barn in Hughesville and are open from 10-5 p.m. or call 240-427-8477.

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