ANNAPOLIS, Md. – House Minority Leader Nic Kipke and House Minority Whip Kathy Szeliga released the following statement regarding the General Assembly’s override of bills vetoed by Governor Hogan. The General Assembly overrode the vetoes on:

  • SB 71 – Maryland Police Accountability Act of 2021 – Body-Worn Cameras – Employee Programs, and Use of Force
  • SB 178 – Maryland Police Accountability Act of 2021 – Search Warrants and Inspection of Records Relating to Police Misconduct
  • HB 670 – Police Reform and Accountability Act of 2021
  • SB 494 – Juveniles Convicted as Adults – Sentencing – Limitations and Reduction (Juvenile Restoration Act)

“Today, the General Assembly dealt a horrendous blow to the safety of all Marylanders”, said House Minority Leader Nic Kipke. “In the middle of a public safety crisis across the state and at the end of an incredibly deadly week in Baltimore City, the General Assembly has chosen to tie the hands of police and potentially endanger their lives. The General Assembly also chose to override a veto of a bill that could allow the early release of violent criminals who were sentenced to life for the unspeakable crimes they committed as juveniles. This is absolute madness.”

“Creating a state that is safe for the public  where policing is conducted at the highest professional level is a noble goal that I am certain every member of the legislature supports,” said House Minority Whip Kathy Szeliga. “But these bills go too far and will create dangerous situations for officers and the public.  The totality of the police reform bills pushed through this year do absolutely nothing to address the chronic 300+ murders in Baltimore City every year and the escalating number of juvenile violent crime like crime jackings.”

While the Governor’s vetoes of these bills all received bipartisan support, all were overridden.