Marriage Story, Netflix’s 2019 Oscar-nominated drama, did an incredible job of showing just how messy a divorce can get. Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansen were brilliant at playing two flawed people who don’t want to hate each other. However, they get sucked into a process that threatens to tear apart not only themselves but their child.

It resonated strongly with my own experience. A person I still loved became my enemy. Instead of working things out between ourselves as we had initially agreed to, we ended up with lawyers shouting insults at each other. Our children were becoming collateral damage in a war that had suddenly escalated.

Once all the nuances had been worked out and we had settled on an agreement that did not really suit anyone, I was personally exhausted. I felt like I had lost an essential part of me and that I would never love again. What was the point of loving someone who might end up becoming the worst enemy you’ve ever had?

I was incredibly despondent, and might have stayed that way had I not met Lucy.

My online psychic

I have always been something of a skeptic, and when a friend suggested seeing a psychic I laughed her off. I had a therapist, who was supposed to help me in a scientifically proven way. There was no way I would head off to some quack in a dark room.

But therapy had not helped and after a while, I felt the need to try something different. Still, I doubt I would have gone to a psychic had the choice to do so online not been available. There is a big difference between trying something new in person and doing so from the comfort of your own home.

I decided to try out California Psychics, a website which vets all psychics before approving them. I found a psychic called Lucy and spoke to her via voice chat. She explained to me that my understanding of what a psychic did was not quite accurate.

The role of a psychic

A psychic did not, Lucy explained, tell you the future or do party tricks by reading your mind. Rather, a good psychic used their intuition to read you as a person. They sensed your psychic energies, giving them an idea of what was going on in your life, what direction you were headed in, and how to change that.

Lucy rightly understood that I was on a path of self-destruction. She could tell immediately that I had become cynical about the idea of love, and that my cynicism was keeping me from moving on. She explained that my negativity could affect my children as they grew older, making it difficult for them to approach life with a positive attitude.

But Lucy did not stop there, as my therapist had. She gave me concrete cues as to what would happen in my future, and how to work towards changing my thought patterns. She told me what I needed to do to realign my energies in a positive way, and with some simple changes I found myself enjoying life again.

She also told me that I would find love again, a reassuring message for someone who had given up on true happiness.

Moving on

The best thing about Lucy was that she never tried to do the work for me. She told me what I needed to be doing, and the direction I needed to head towards, but encouraged me to do it alone. She held me accountable to my promises to myself, and helped me keep my promises to my children.

Moving on from my divorce took time. It was never going to be something that happened over a day or two. But with the help of my psychic, I began to look forward to a life of happiness I recognized once again.