U.S. Congressman Steny Hoyer
U.S. Congressman Steny Hoyer

WASHINGTON – Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-05) released the following statement after the House passed legislation to keep the government open through December 16:

“The good news is that the House and Senate have now sent President Biden a continuing resolution to keep the government open.  The bad news is that we needed a continuing resolution because the Congress did not complete its work on full-year appropriations.” 

“While the House Appropriations Committee advanced all twelve of its bills on time and the House passed six of them early in the summer, we can and must do better.” 

“We now have until December 16 to complete work on full-year appropriations for Fiscal Year 2023, including Community Project Funding.  I urge House and Senate appropriators to continue work expeditiously over the next several weeks so that we can reach agreement and not find ourselves again facing a funding deadline and looking at a continuing resolution as an alternative.”

“The American people and those who work for them in the federal government deserve to know that Congress is fulfilling its responsibility and getting its job done on their behalf.”
“While I am disappointed that we could not complete full appropriations this month, I am glad that we were able to include key funding provisions in this continuing resolution that address critical needs.” 

“These include emergency relief for those suffering the effects of natural disasters, including Hurricanes Fiona and Ian, and additional robust support for Ukraine in its war of self-defense and self-determination.  I want to thank Chairwoman DeLauro, Ranking Member Granger, and all the Members and staff of the House Appropriations Committee for their hard and diligent work – not only over the past several days but throughout this year to move us closer toward completion of Fiscal-Year 2023 appropriation, which I hope will be finished in December.”

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