Maryland State Police Leonardtown Barrack Releases Top 5 Most Wanted For April 2023

LEONARDTOWN, Md. – The Maryland State Police Leonardtown Barrack has released a list of the five most wanted individuals in St. Mary’s County for April 2023.

These individuals are wanted by the Maryland State Police Leonardtown Barrack on active warrants.

The following individuals are currently being sought after:

-Tinasha J. Bush, 25 of Lexington Park, MD
FTA Driving While License was Revoked and FTA Driving Without a License.

-Charles W. Clark, 67 of Mechanicsville, MD
FTA Trespassing, Driving an Uninsured Vehicle, Driving While License was Suspended.

-Jennifer M. Fore, 46 of Mechanicsville, MD
FTA Driving While License was Suspended and Driving Without a Required License.

-Michael A. Jones, 31 of Bushwood, MD
FTA Driving While License was suspended and FTA Driving an Uninsured Vehicle.

-Eric L. Figeroux, 49 of Hollywood, MD
CDS: Possession not Cannabis ×5, CDS Dist-Narc.

Anyone with information can remain anonymous! Contact the Leonardtown Barrack Duty Officer at 301-475-8955 x0 and reference “Top 5 Most Wanted for April 2023“.

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  1. Was expecting to see some really heinous crimes listed here….
    That’s it? This is the “Most Wanted”?? For having no license?? (Except for the one)….
    I’m sure the community will feel much safer, once they’re caught…. for their big, dangerous crimes….. Give me a break! Really?? Hey- I have an idea– let’s put the REAL criminals faces and information out there on blast for everybody to see…. you know….. and if you’re having trouble finding them, here’s a suggestion: look in Lexington Park, Great Mills, California and schools, for starters…. and that’s just a start; because they’re everywhere— and certainly doing much worse than having no license….. We want to see “them”….. the ones we should REALLY be on the lookout for……

    This was a waste of publication and time, honestly.

    1. Did Debbie break up with you Milton, love is tough but it ain’t no crime. An old baseball coach told us women are like busses, you may miss one but they’ll be another coming in 15 minutes. Don’t worry Milton

  2. Why isn’t Deborah Lynch on there? She has a bench warrant out on her for over a year. I would think grand theft auto leading to a warrant should earn top honors.

  3. I wonder what came first, cannabis against the law, or running a red light\ speeding? Cannabis is a plant so you can’t figure- out that its illegal. Its simply civility that you can verify a traffic charge. How do you verify a red light charge when it can change if you go back & check it\ how can you check a speeding charge when you’re stopped? Well I’m going 0 now, well you were going 20 over, well, I’m going 0 now, well you were going 20 over. You do see how laws that don’t make sense lead to other laws that don’t make sense, when does it stop? I’m concerned that if we have a law that doesn’t make sense, we will have other laws that don’t make sense. Yeah.

  4. why does the Maryland court system have it so the suspect is always wearing the crime? If you saw police at a local address, you could make a note of it. the address, time, date. Yet, we can’t search for charges\ crimes by this. We have to know the suspect in order to search for crimes\ charges. Why is that? If we have something to add\ if we’re a witness, why can’t we find out about it by knowing stuff, identifying stuff? Why can’t punching in January 10th, 1999 at [address], city, state, zip get us anywhere? Why do we have to know the suspect? What if you’re a witness & you know where & when, but you have to know the suspect in order to get information? Isn’t is possible that you could clear a suspect because you’re a witness, but because you don’t know who the suspect is, you can’t help them? Who set that up? I have the address, the date, time . I need a name. I don’t have that. I need the suspects name in order to look this up. But I saw it happen. I need a name.

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