LEONARDTOWN, Md. – The Department of Emergency Services encourages citizens to prepare for hot temperatures over the next few days. Children, the elderly, and pets are most susceptible to heat-related issues; regular protective measures are crucial to safety.

During sweltering and humid weather, your body’s ability to cool itself is challenged. When the body heats too rapidly to cool itself properly, or when too much fluid or salt is lost through dehydration or sweating, the internal temperature will rise. Staying indoors as much as possible and drinking plenty of fluids are key strategies to protecting your health. For information on heat-related illness and how to protect yourself, go to https://www.cdc.gov/disasters/extremeheat/heat_guide.html. As a reminder, please check on the elderly and your neighbors.

Pets are also vulnerable during the hot days of summer. Never leave an animal in a locked car, even if the windows are cracked open. Temperatures inside of closed cars rise to dangerous levels quickly. Bring outdoor pets indoors and make sure they have access to fresh cool water at all times. For more pet safety tips, go to https://www.weather.gov/safety/heat-children-pets.

Additional St. Mary’s County Government recommended preparations are available online at  https://www.stmarysmd.com/es/beprepared/.