Public Comment Requested For Bayways Crossing Ferry Project
Public Comment Requested For Bayways Crossing Ferry Project

CHESAPEAKE BEACH, Md. – The Mayor and Town Council request Town resident’s public comment on the feasibility phase of the Bayways Crossing Ferry project.

The Bayways Ferry is a 40-50 person passenger ferry system (no cars) that would loop around the Chesapeake Bay with “stops” in several counties that encircle the bay.

The goal of the passenger ferry system is to enhance public access for residents and tourists all around the bay and to further develop and connect existing water trails and attractions including the Greater Chesapeake Loop.

There are currently (3) three locations in Calvert County that the State of Maryland will consider to review the feasibility of the location as a ferry “stop”.

These locations are the Town of Chesapeake Beach, the Town of North Beach, and Solomons Island. 

To view the Bayways Presentation please click the link or attend the July 21st Town Council meeting starting at 7:00 PM at the Chesapeake Beach Town Hall where public comment will be accepted. To provide public comment to the Town of Chesapeake Beach on this project please click here.

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  1. Are there going to be stops in St Mary’s county. If so where would them stops be.
    I think it should be a business fairy with automobiles on the boat. People don’t like being stranded or captured the auto gives them freedom.

    1. Definitely agree with this comment! There are not many ubers in the rural areas around the bay.

  2. I grew up in Somerset County. Crisfield to Solomons would be awesome. Let’s finally do this after many years of talk.

  3. Leonardtown Wharf would be a perfect and ALREADY BUILT stopping point for this thing…..I guess St. Mary’s county gets overlooked again….

  4. I think this would be a fabulous idea. My daughter who lives in North Beach and I who lives in Somerset County would be able to visit each other way more often. Please bring families together. Thank you

  5. I love the idea of a public ferry taking visitors to places throughout the Cheasapeake Bay. But I believe that it would be most successful if the ferry included cars.

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