Delegates Jerry Clark and Deb Rey

COLUMBIA, MD – Maryland Business for Responsive Government (MBRG), a statewide, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, has released the 2017 results of its annual publication Roll Call, now available online. Roll Call is in its 32nd year of printing.

Three members of the Southern Maryland Delegation scored high. Delegate Deb Rey [R – District 29B] and Delegate Mark N. Fisher [R – District 27C] (pictured below) both scored 100 percent and Delegate Jerry Clark [R – District 29C] scored 90 percent. The organization considers cumulative scores above 70 percent as pro-business.

Each year, MBRG’s State Advisory Council selects recorded votes from the most recent General Assembly session that are essential to create/retain jobs and promote a healthy business climate throughout Maryland. MBRG identifies these bills in Roll Call and analyzes the votes to produce a score for each legislator. For the 2017 analysis, Roll Call analyzed 15 Senate votes and 16 House votes.

This year, 11 Senators (just 23 percent of the Senate) and 37 Delegates (just 26 percent of the House) received perfect scores of 100 percent, whereas 84 Delegates (60 percent) and 18 Senators (38 percent) scored below 30 percent. The high-scoring legislators generally rejected the extreme policies of legislative mandates and bans, whereas the lower-scoring legislators generally embraced such approaches. For example, the paid leave bill (House Bill 1 and Senate Bill 230) mandated paid leave for employees of 15-person organizations who work as little as 12 hours per week or as few as 107 days per year, and dozens of proposed amendments that sought to lessen the job-killing effects of this mandate were roundly rejected. The legislators who voted against the bill and in favor of the amendments generally scored well, whereas those who favored the mandate and rejected the amendments generally scored poorly.

“We appreciate those legislators who are able to look deeper at a bill, beyond an innocuous bill title, such as The Maryland Healthy Working Families Act, for example, to recognize that such mandates not only harm Maryland’s business climate, but will likely cause even more hardship for the very people the bills purport to help. Mandated paid leave is irrelevant if you no longer have a job.” said MNRG President Duane Carey.