Smart career choices versus passions

Hollywood, MD – There are plenty of careers and college majors that are the “smart” decision to ride. However, what’s more important–what is smart or what you’re passionate about doing?

A business degree is always a smart choice to accomplish as everything is business. If your passion is art, should you pursue that in comparison? Plenty of artists can make a decent living as well. Is it more important to make money or be happy?

While making a comfortable income can relieve stress, living out your dream can be even more satisfying. Creating a life that you’ve envisioned for years can make you a better partner, worker and person.

People always want to give advice on what they think you should do with your life. Only you know the correct answer. If you don’t mind the old 9 to 5 to make the biggest salary you can, go for it. If you feel as if you want to make your mark on the world in whatever fashion, then pursue that. Sometimes, you have to tune out all the other voices.

Parents and peers alike always want to say what they think. I went into film school against a lot of people’s advice and I had a wonderful and successful seven years in the industry. I got to live out a dream and I regret nothing. Plus the money is not bad at all.

The point is decide what you want. Make a plan and follow it through. Never let fear hold you back and think for yourself. When in doubt, go into finance or business. You can do anything with that. Most of all, make sure to never lose your passion even if you decide to take a safe route. That can mean passion about who you love, hobbies, your job or whatever.

Do you think taking a money making lifestyle or a passion lifestyle is more important?