Brandon Ross Holbrook, Suspect In The Murder Of Missing Huntingtown Photographer Jailed Without Bond
Brandon Ross Holbrook

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – A Maryland judge has officially ordered Brandon Ross Holbrook, 47, to be held in jail without bond until a preliminary hearing on October 20, 2023. He will be represented by a public defender.

Holbrook is facing charges including first-degree murder, second-degree murder and first-degree assault, in connection with the murder of Joseph A. Shymanski, a well-known DC photographer who went missing on Labor Day of this year.

WJAC News in Pennsylvania confirmed that on September 13, 2023, a Mifflin County judge approved Holbrook’s extradition to Calvert County, Maryland. He arrived in the state on Thursday, September 21, 2023.

The Mifflin County, Pennsylvania Coroner’s Office and Calvert County Sheriff’s Office identified the remains of the missing 51-year-old Huntingtown resident in the borough of Honey Brook, Pennsylvania in early September of this year. Shymanski’s remains were located just yards away from Holbrook’s property.

The day he went missing, Shymanski was supposed to meet with his ex-wife for a child custody exchange.

Upon searching his home, law enforcement found blood stains on the driveway, as well as Shymanski’s car still parked in the garage with his cell phone inside.

Witnesses also reported seeing Holbrook’s truck in the area the night Shymanski went missing.

Detectives went to Pennsylvania to interview Holbrook. According to them, a foul odor emanated from his truck bed. They also found “maggots located crawling all over the back of the truck.”

Holbrook told a judge on Friday that he has “no history of violence whatsoever” and “no intention to flee.”

Investigators also interviewed Shymanski’s ex-wife, who stated that Holbrook and her had been in a relationship before and, “expressed anger towards Shymanski for what he has put her through.”

Maryland prosecutors have since come to a conclusion that Holbrook traveled four hours to Shymanski’s house and shot him. Afterwards, he took the body back to Pennsylvania where he burned and dismembered it in an attempt to dispose of the evidence.

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  1. Regardless of whether he is a flight risk and whether he has a prior history of violence or not, HE BELONGS BEHIND BARS, Not among the free and walking law abiding citizens of this area

  2. The perpetrator killed for a piece of tail ….I hope he loves prison,,, and I hope there is evidence that the exwife was a acomplice ..
    My solace is that God saw what happened ..

    1. Amazing isnt it? The divorce sounded very contentious and from what I read both were living way beyond their means but I have a feeling 75% of the “occupants” in all these minimansion that have been built in Calvert County live way beyond their means. Anyway, several days after the deceased lost his primary source of income due to Covid the ex-wife left with the children. This sort of tells it all right there. There are indications that she already knew her boyfriend at this point. A very contentious divorce ensued. The boyfriend was played like a fiddle. Probably couldn’t tell that she was absolutely bat crap crazy because she was on a mission, she was putting out more than he could handle, and probable seemed perfect as she had to suppress the craziness until their lives were too intertwined for him to easily break things off… Not sure if she intentionally encouraged this guy to kill but it sounds like she made the deceased sound so evil that he figured life would be better for both of them her exhusband disappeared. I can only hope she hangs her head in shame knowing the actions she set in motion but I have a feeling she feels like she did nothing wrong though.
      I wonder how their children will feel when they get old enough to learn the circumstances surrounding their father’s death? They are the ultimate victims in all of this.
      Its absolutely amazing how unbelievably selfish some parents can become during a divorce with children.

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