Lusby, MD – On Sunday, April 12 a few Cove Point Beach residents made a surprise discovery. As seen in the photo submitted by Lea Callahan, a large black pipe with chains on it was found at the water’s edge.

According to Callahan, she contacted the Coast Guard and was told it might be a dredge pipe. The Bay Net has been unable to reach the Coast Guard to verify that theory.

The beach is located just south of the Dominion Cove Point Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Plant. However, a Dominion spokesman claims the pipe does not belong to the company.

“The pipe is not related to any activity at the Dominion Cove Point facility,” stated Dominion spokesman Karl Neddenien. “The condition of the chains suggests the pipe has not been long in the brackish water, which may mean it recently fell off one of the many barges that travel up and down the bay.”

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