The Chinese cuisine is one of the most popular cuisines in the world which is liked by most of the people around the globe. China is famous for the aroma, appearance, taste, and color of it’s food which is one of the most integral constituents of the country. These dishes are becoming so popular among the people of other countries with each passing day that it has become a cultural swap between China and those countries. So, Chinese food is one of the most ultimate things that can make every foodie drool, thanks to the uniqueness, taste, style, presentation and excellent cooking style of the same.

Now, without any further ado, let me jot down the ten most yummy dishes that the famous country- China- has given us and which you would definitely love to taste again and again.

Have a look!!

1.Sweet and sour pork

It is one of the most common and popular dishes of China which really tastes awesome! And the best part is that you can find this dish in almost all the restaurants in the world. The two definite flavors- sweet and sour- are just mind-blowing in this dish! It has fried pork in small pieces which are mixed with the specialized versions of sweet and sour sauces which consist of sugar, white vinegar, ketchup and soy sauce. And moreover, the dish is made tastier with the additional toppings of green peppers, pineapple, and small onion dices!

2. Chow mein

It is yet another healthy dishes that Chinese cuisine offers which improves digestion, anemia, and immunity. It is an actually a stir-fried noodle which is popular in the form of different varieties in several countries and among that Cantose chow mein is most popular in the western countries. The chow mein generally has noodles, meat, onions, spices, celery and many more things. It is customized with bell peppers, mushrooms, shrimps etc. as per the taste of the people who’re going to eat that.

3.   Spring rolls

It is one of the most popular snacks among the people of China, Southeast Asia, and East Asia. And moreover, in China, you can find different types of the roll as per the taste and cooking styles. Since the ancient times, it has been a popular dish. In this, cabbage and other vegetables are rolled inside the flour bread with the sauces and authentic spices. In Eastern and Northern China, this roll is a special food served in the Spring Festival.

4.  Ma Po Tofu

In the Sichuan Cuisine, it is a very popular and one of the spiciest dish that you can ever have. The main ingredient of this dish is tender bean curd which is generally set in spicy and bean-based sauce. And moreover, it looks like an oily bright red suspension which is often cooked with minced meat like beef or pork.

5.  Won Ton soup

It is one of the most loved soups by the Chinese people. The prominent ingredients which remain incorporated in the soup are shrimps, pork, green onions, veggies etc. And moreover, the dish is prepared in different ways in various parts of China. With the simple triangle-shaped pot sticker that is pan-fried and the green lettuce as well as noodles this soup is something that can make anyone drool!

6.  Kung Pao Chicken

It is one of the best examples of Chinese culture and has been invented before many years. This yummy chicken based dish is very famous among the locals and foreigners even. With the main ingredients like diced pork, red and green bell-peppers, mixed veggies, fried peanuts, sour-sauce, and garlic this dish tastes excellent. It is one of the main versatile dishes of China. Kung Pao chicken is served in almost all the famous restaurants in China and is also one of the basic dishes of the permanent menu of the Chinese restaurants in other foreign countries.

7.  Dumplings

This unique dish of China originated in Wonton around 800 years ago. The awesome dumplings are made up of vegetable, fresh meat and flour predominantly. You can find the crushed vegetables and chopped meat enfolded inside the thin piece of flour. Sometimes the stuffing also included the additional shrimps or boiled chicken within it. This superb dish just tastes out of the world! Mainly the Chinese people eat dumplings during New Year’s Eve and other festivals.

8. Peking roasted duck

This is one of the most popular traditional dishes of China which is mainly from Beijing. Peking duck is so famous in China that many restaurants have their own farms for this specific dish. This is eaten by the Chinese people and also the foreigners with a great liking due to the crispy duck skin and delicious meat. With the diced spring onion, pancakes and the fermented sweet sauce this dish is something which you shouldn’t miss eating!

9.  Bouilli

This yummy dish is also known as Hongshaorou which is one of the most popular dishes of China. It is actually nothing but streaky pork with the fat portion and the lean portion separated as separate layers. Moreover, the unique flavor of this dish comes from the mouthwatering amalgamation of brown sugar, cooking wine and soy sauce which further gives a unique taste even. The steamed meat with the special sauce makes the amazing Bouilli.

10.  Egg fried rice

This popular dish of China originated from the country’s earliest western regions. It has a splendid aroma with a delicious taste and eye-catching presentation which makes it one of the most popular dishes throughout the world. The main ingredients of the dish include eggs, rice, and oil while vegetables, mushrooms, and shrimps can be added as the additional items. It is also easy to make and easily digestible.

So, if after reading about the aforementioned yummy dishes from China if you’ve already started drooling then just hop into any of your nearest restaurants to taste the same. I can assure you’ll feel the luscious taste tantalizing your taste buds at least for months!!     

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