HUGHESVILLE, Md. — The Humane Society of Charles County posted the following message on social media regarding several recent animal abandonments on their property, a concerning trend they have seen this year. 

“PLEASE HELP- animals cannot be left on the HSCC property after business hours (5 pm daily) due to the absence of secure containment facilities to leave them in.  No Staff is present after hours.

If you find a stray Charles County animal that you cannot safely keep at your home until regular business hours please use the information below.

All healthy Charles County animals should be taken to Tri-County Animal Shelter: 6707 Animal Shelter Road, Hughesville, MD 20637 (301-932-1713) if you cannot keep the animal at your home until regular business hours.

All injured Charles County Stray animals should be taken to Waldorf Emergency Care after hours: 3485 Rockefeller Ct. Waldorf, MD 20602 (301-705-9700. 

Leaving an animal unsecured is considered abandonment and is violation of the Charles County Animal Regulations 230-8-1

§ 230-8. Cruelty.
A. It shall be a violation of these regulations for any individual to:
(1) Abandon any animal;
Fines range from $50-$1000

In 2021 40 animals have been abandoned on the HSCC property. 

They have been left tied to a fence, in us secure play-yards, in small cages and rubber bins all night with no access to food or water, in our donation drop with no note for staff to locate for hours in the heat and exposed to the weather (hot and cold) and able to escape possibly getting struck by cars. 

Please help us save more of these homeless and injured animals and don’t abandon them.”

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