Southern Maryland, MD— October 11 marks a very special day in the yearly calendar, of course this day is known as National Sausage Pizza Day. 

To celebrate the National Sausage Pizza Day, you can go out to your favorite pizza restaurant or maybe order pizza and enjoy it while staying at home.

Or maybe you can also cook a delicious sausage pizza yourself and treat your family and friends.

Tips for easy sausage pizza:

-Purchase sausage in bulk, without casings

-Precook and crumble the sausage before adding to your pizza

-Drain the sausage on paper towels if there is excess grease

-Freeze sausage if you won’t use it promptly, in pizza-sized batches

-Plan to use your frozen sausage within two or three months

-Thaw package of frozen sausage in the refrigerator overnight, the day before you’ll  make your pizza

-Add cooked sausage to your pizza after the sauce and Parmesan cheese, before the  mozzarella

A critical tip not to be forgotten, is to enjoy this wonderful meal with a good friend and catch up on lost time. Enjoy Southern Maryland! 

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