moderna vaccine covid
moderna vaccine covid

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. — The following statement was posted by the Calvert County Health Department on social media regarding the status of bivalent booster doses of the COVID-19 vaccine:

“The Calvert Health Department’s supply of Moderna bivalent booster doses has been exhausted.

For those who have already scheduled appointments with us, we will be able to provide your vaccines.

Beyond that, you will not be able to schedule appointments until we receive additional doses.

Moderna’s production facilities are more limited than Pfizer’s. As a result, significantly fewer Moderna doses were delivered to health departments, pharmacies, and doctor’s offices than Pfizer.

We were expecting a new shipment of Moderna vaccine yesterday, but it has not arrived. At this time, it remains unclear when we will receive our next delivery.

It may be a few weeks before the supply of Moderna boosters catches up to demand.

Based on a number of scientific studies, independent vaccine experts have determined that regardless of the initial brand of covid vaccine a person received, she/he can safely get either Pfizer or Moderna as a booster.

We encourage people who were previously vaccinated with Moderna to consider getting a Pfizer booster.

For those who only want Moderna, you can contact pharmacies or your doctor’s office to see who still has vaccines available.

We will post an announcement when our Health Department receives additional doses.”

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