The Calvert Region MESA Competition for Calvert County Public Schools occurred at Huntingtown High School for middle and high school students on Wednesday, April 3, 2014, and for elementary school students on Thursday, April 3, 2014.

For the second year at the middle and high school levels, the MESA Challenge Competition included a Prosthetic Arm Challenge. For this Challenge, students had to build a prosthetic arm out of new and recycled material costing no more than $40.00. Students wore the device which was tested using several events within the Challenge to assess the dexterity of the device, the ability of the device to accurately toss balls of varying sizes, and to move objects of varying weight from one place on a table to another place on the same table.

For the third year at the middle and high school levels, the MESA Challenge Competition used computer game challenges designed for Maryland MESA by engineers at the Applied Physics Labs of Johns Hopkins University, a partner of Maryland MESA and host of the State Competition. The middle school challenge is the Interactive Game Design with Alice. The high school challenge is Cyber Challenge: Virtual Robot Maze which requires students to program the game that they design in Python Programming Language.

Additional information about the MESA Competition Challenges is available at

St. Leonard Elementary School is overall Elementary School Division winner again this year!  They will advance to the Maryland MESA State Competition on Thursday, May 1, 2014, at the Applied Physics Lab of Johns Hopkins University located in Laurel MD.

Balsawood Bridge Challenge Winners

First Place: Huntingtown Elementary School

Second Place: St. Leonard Elementary School

Third Place: Windy Hill Elementary School


Effective Communication Challenge Winners

First Place: Mutual Elementary Scho