The Board of Education of Calvert County Public Schools recognized the “Volunteers of the Year” at a ceremony held during the May 23, 2019 Board meeting.

The honorees are selected by every school from among the numerous individuals who dedicate hours of service to the school community.

Dr. Daniel D. Curry, Superintendent of Schools, said, “Our schools are better places because of the contributions of our many volunteers. We are proud to honor them for their dedication.”

The 2019 Volunteers of the Year are:  

  • Barstow Elementary — Donna Farrington
  • Beach Elementary – Jennifer Kuhle-Parker
  • Calvert Country School — Kyrstin Wainwright
  • Calvert Elementary — Jennifer Hess
  • Calvert High School — Tracy Fiore
  • Calvert Middle School — Michelle Lozier
  • Dowell Elementary — Susan Jones
  • Huntingtown Elementary — School Susan Faidley
  • Huntingtown High School — Patricia Strong
  • Mill Creek Middle School — Keall Frye
  • Mt. Harmony Elementary — School Jeanette Pence
  • Mutual Elementary School — Mary Profit-Gower
  • Northern High School — Franka Dennis
  • Northern Middle School — Megan Roberts
  • Patuxent Appeal Campus — Sharon Campbell
  • Patuxent High School — Sandy Estep
  • Plum Point Elementary School — Kelly Danford
  • Plum Point Middle School — Cynthia Eversole
  • Sunderland Elementary School — Michelle Rubio
  • Southern Middle School —  Kristin Atwell
  • St. Leonard Elementary School  —Jenell Nukolczak
  • Transportation — Michael Salvagni
  • Windy Hill Elementary School — Andrea Hoover
  • Windy Hill Middle School — Cathy Szeszulski