CCPS To Add AI Visual Gun Detection To Keep Students And Staff Safe
Omnilert Gun Detect has a three-step verification process that not only recognizes a gun, but also the physical behavior consistent with gun violence. It can easily be deployed with any existing IP-based camera and can monitor spaces that other safety technology miss such as exterior grounds and parking lots. The software was designed with privacy concerns in mind as there is no use of facial recognition on subjects being monitored and live video feeds never leave the site. Credit – Omnilert

LA PLATA, Md. – Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) is launching a new safety initiative that incorporates visual gun detection technology with external school cameras. This system, combined with an emergency alert system, initiates a robust response within seconds of a gun detection being verified.

The advanced artificial intelligence (AI) software features a three-step verification process that recognizes a gun. The system features constant video monitoring and is designed to alert CCPS officials, police and other responders when a potential gun is detected.

Alerts are initially sent to a monitoring center for review, and are then shared by phone, email and text message notifications to designated school safety officials for response. The system also provides video, images and location details to first responders. The software does not use facial recognition to protect the privacy of students and staff. Additionally, the live video feeds never leave CCPS buildings.

Real-time detection, according to Jason Stoddard, CCPS director of school safety and security, will provide school officials with valuable time to react to a possible safety threat. “Through system alerts, we will be able to notify police more quickly of a possible safety concern and place a school or campus in an emergency code faster.

The technology provides advance warning before a situation occurs,” Stoddard said. Stoddard also said this additional technology enhances the school system’s comprehensive approach to detect a threat that approaches any CCPS school or facility.

CCPS is in the process of installing the software for outside building cameras systemwide and plans to have all schools and centers activated by the end of this school year. Cost of the program is $207,000 which was funded by the Maryland Center for School Safety’s School Safety Grant Funding program. The grant covers the first two years of licensing for CCPS, which will then be covered by funding from the Office of School Safety and Security.

CCPS is in the implementation phase of the project, installing the software at schools selected to pilot the technology. Any testing of the technology will be completed outside of the school day and before and after normal operating hours.

About CCPS

Charles County Public Schools provides 27,598 students in grades prekindergarten through 12 with an academically challenging education. Located in Southern Maryland, Charles County Public Schools has 37 schools that offer a technologically advanced, progressive and high quality education that builds character, equips for leadership and prepares students for life, careers and higher education.

The Charles County public school system does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or disability in its programs, activities or employment practices. For inquiries, please contact Kathy Kiessling, Title IX/ADA/Section 504 Coordinator (students) or Nikial Majors, Title IX/ADA/Section 504 coordinator (employees/ adults), at Charles County Public Schools, Jesse L. Starkey Administration Building, P.O. Box 2770, La Plata, MD 20646; 301-932-6610/301-870-3814.

For special accommodations call 301-934-7230 or TDD 1-800-735-2258 two weeks prior to the event. CCPS provides nondiscriminatory equal access to school facilities in accordance with its Use of Facilities rules to designated youth groups (including, but not limited to, the Boy Scouts).

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  1. It’s a sad sad world that we have come to this type of protection for our children…..from other children.

  2. Between low camera resolution and AI performing so poorly in other fields, I predict the school shuts this down after a few weeks of false alarms for every student carrying a water bottle.

  3. Of note, the picture at the top of this article did not identify the police officer’s firearm, in the middle of the camera. Sounds like a big waste of money.

  4. We are to believe that the officer in the photo, isn’t carrying a side arm, because there is no ‘red indicator’ shown on him.
    Yeah, this ought to work real well.

    And exactly what does
    “The Charles County public school system does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or disability in its programs, activities or employment practices.”
    have to do with this new device?

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