October 19, 2019 – Charles County Sheriff’s Office – Yesterday, we unveiled our newest Breast Cancer Awareness vehicle – an SUV wrapped in black and decorated with pink ribbons. Many members of the CCSO have been personally affected by breast cancer, one of the most common types of cancers in the United States.

Our SUV will be driven by Officer Kevin Makle of our COPS Unit whose wife, Crystal, passed away from breast cancer this past March; she was only 36-years-old. Officer Makle said he is humbled to have the opportunity to drive this SUV for two reasons: first, to honor his wife and all those affected by breast cancer and second, to use it as a platform to share his story and raise awareness of the importance of having regular check-ups and self-examinations which is how his wife first learned of her cancer. Due to her own self-examination, his wife detected lumps and was diagnosed. With her early detection, she was able to receive chemo and other treatments which helped her survive another 5 years to be with her family and friends until, sadly, her cancer returned and was not treatable.

Officer Makle has three adolescent children who fully support his mission to educate people about this disease. Every day, before he begins his work shift, Officer Makle puts a pink ribbon on his uniform as another way to remember his wife and start conversations with people who are interested. Since receiving the SUV, Officer Makle says he’s received a lot of honks and waves and inquires. Mostly he’s received heartfelt thanks for his willingness to share his story. The CCSO is deeply committed to issues that affect our communities and participates in hundreds of causes and awareness events throughout the year. #breastcancerawareness #sheriffsofficepinkcar #knowthesigns