Universal Hour of Peace, Dec. 31 at 11:30 p.m.

Hollywood, MD – Peace. If one word is important to know in any language, I think it’s ‘peace’ – which leads to love and more light. After the various events of 2016, many people are craving for a peaceful 2017. Unfortunate acts of terrorism, political turmoil, violence and financial stress have many people reaching for anything to give them a reprieve in the new year.

Many can’t wait to unplug over the holiday break and gather up the energy to emerge into 2017 confidently in a peaceful state.

What if you are a person who likes chaos? Are you the type of person to stir up negativity, division, anger, and violence in others? People can also cultivate conflicting circumstances, as a result of repetitive thoughts.

A spiritual mentor once said, “Our minds are stuck in constant warfare with the hidden enemy–ourselves. Many are unconscious or in denial of this.

Now, just stop to think about it, the worst wars are the ones fought inside our heads. Our thoughts, beliefs, criticisms, opinions and judgments are sneaky destroyers of peace and therefore our worst enemies. As each of us evaluates the good and bad of 2016, hopefully, we will strive to achieve more peace.

It is normal for our own perceptions to help decided what is believed to be right or wrong. It’s simple once each of us realizes that ‘Peace starts and ends with me.’

Build more love and light into your life in 2017 and mentally repeat “I put the Flor-de-lis on the situation.” Let peace reign by observing the Universal Hour of Peace.


The Universal Hour of Peace is a way for each person to move forward in 2017 with conscious thoughts of peace. This hour-long recognition was created as a simple step toward a war free world.

Universal Hour of Peace is observed 11:30 p.m., Dec. 31 to 12:30 a.m., on Jan. 1.

Observe this by playing peaceful music, practicing yoga, praying/meditating or simply forgiving someone or asking for forgiveness. Peacemakers can also — use #UniversalHourOfPeace to post on social media.

History of the Universal Hour of Peace
The concept was birthed by Dr. Barbara Condron at the School of Metaphysics, the first Universal Hour of Peace was celebrated on Oct. 24, 1995. It coincided with the 50th anniversary of the United Nations and the autumnal equinox. The following year it was moved to Jan. 1 at Noon GMT. Today it is celebrated on Dec. 31 at 11:30 p.m.

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