Chick-Fil-A And Aldi Could Be Coming To Charlotte Hall

CHARLOTTE HALL, Md. – On February 13, the St. Mary’s County Planning Commission will review the Golden Beach Development concept site plan. The proposal is for a new shopping center located in the same area as the farmer’s market.

The proposal includes a potential 20,599 sq ft Aldi, 5,200 sq ft Chick-Fil-A, 2,675 sq ft of retail space, 2,437 sq ft restaurant pad site, and 30,000 sq ft of new buildings for flea market and fairground use.

A traffic study was conducted for the potential new site, and noted several major impacts.

The study recommended a new traffic signal at the Route 5/Traveled Lane intersection, which will see the Traveled Lane loop disconnected and redesigned to end in a cul-de-sac.

This isn’t the only development in the works for Charlotte Hall, as Sheetz also has the potential for making its way to the area, with the potential site being located on Route 5 right next to the Charlotte Hall VA Clinic.

The February 13th meeting for the Planning Commission will take place at the Chesapeake Building in Leonardtown at 6:30 p.m.

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  1. Great. More traffic, no public water/sewer, poor planning, unsafe conditions, and the Board of Appeals will simply approve it because they want the north end to look like an interstate potty break station.

  2. yay aldi, boo chik fil a! I hope the chikfila doesn’t happen because it’s hard enough to keep up my boycott without having to drive by one everyday!

  3. Why is a NEW grocery store location necessary? What is wrong with renovating the existing and EMPTY McKays location? Another fast food joint? Great….just what the area needs….NOT!

  4. Yay!!!! I’m so glad chic-fil-A is coming! Great fresh food and great friendly service! I support them as much as I can, just like millions of other Americans!

  5. So how many gas stations are needed in Charlotte Hall? Currently, there are three gas stations in very close proximity – the Shell Station at the entry to Old Rte 5, Wawa directly across the street, the 7-eleven, plans for Royal Farms at the previous Wentworth nursery site, Exxon at Rte 6. We really need another gas station?

    Why not locate Aldi at the old McKays that is now abandoned? It is too much traffic congestion and the invitation for MORE accidents at this already congested area.

  6. Another gas station? Really! Here’s the rundown on gas stations already in Charlote Hall – the Shell Station at the intersection of Old Rte 5 and the main highway, Wawa is directly across the road, 7-eleven before the next traffic light, and Exxon at Rte 6 intersection. Are plans still in the works for Royal Farms which will be directly across from Wawa and the Shell station? And we need Sheetz? What happened to the Master Plan for Charlotte Hall? We cannot be governed by developers. What about our community????

  7. Another gas station????? We already have working 5 gas stations in existence between the intersections of Three Notch Rd and Charlotte Hall RD and Three Notch Rd and Rte 6. They include the Shell Station, Wawa (directly across from the Shell station), 7-11, Exxon at Golden Beach Rd and Exxon at Rte 6. If the plans for Royal Farms goes through, that will be SIX gas stations literally within a 1.25 mile area. And now there is a need for a Sheetz? Where is the masterplan for Charlotte Hall? The need for a master plan was discussed this time last year when there were requests to rezone two parcels of property in Charlotte Hall. There is no NEED for another gas station, only the DESIRE of the developer to be located there.

    1. The Board of Appeals don’t care- developers are leaving money on a stump for them somewhere. It’s how the mine operation on Morganza Turner Rd got approved. The old white dude didn’t care about safety- he just said ‘deal with it’ so, there ya go. They don’t even care that there is no public water or sewer system in the north end

  8. Why not approach the Mckay family on the property they already started clearing on the other side of the road.

  9. YES!!…Looking forward to it. The Aldi’s, Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, Chipotle and Royal Farms!!…Hurry up and break ground already!!

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