Prince Frederick, MD – The Holidays officially started in Calvert County Monday morning as the Calvert Garden Club — along with the help of the Calvert County Buildings and Grounds — began their annual “Greening of the Courthouse Square.”

The Calvert Garden Club spent Monday, Dec. 3 gathering the greenery from around the county, even gathering oyster shells and North Beach driftwood to embellish the thoughtfully designed roping, sprays, wreaths, and Della Robbia.

The festive pieces were assembled early Tuesday morning and then later hung and placed throughout the Calvert County Courthouse Square as well as buildings such as the Linden house, Goldstein Building and the gazebo at Boyd King park.

“We hang 22 fresh wreaths on the courthouse windows,” Mary Augustosky, Calvert Garden Club board chairman said. “Sprays are added to the lampposts around the courthouse. Wreaths are placed on the memorials and roping is added to the top of the brick wall at the entrance.”

She said there were more than 40 wreaths used throughout the Greening. She said there are larger wreaths added to—the four—Calvert County entrances, at the entrance of the circuit court building and to the brick wall that is at the intersection of Maryland Routes 4 and 231.

“This a long-standing tradition,” said Vicki Geneva, a member of the Calvert Garden Club. “The Garden Club has been doing this since 1964.”

The Calvert Garden Club was established in 1936.

Although it is unknown how long the Calvert County Buildings and Grounds have been involved, employee Randy Gray said he recalls the department being involved for at least the last 20 years that he has been employed.

“I’ve been here 20 years and we have been doing it at least that long,” Randy Gray said.

A few others recalled the tradition as long as they have been employed as well. Calvert County Buildings and Grounds called in more than 12 workers to assist with the Greening and it only took them a little more than an hour to do their part.

Both, the Calvert Garden Club and Calvert County Buildings and Grounds said they are honored to carry out the task every year.

“I heard two women commenting on the Greenery,” Building and Grounds worker Doug Wiltrout said. “They really liked it,” Wiltrout said it makes it worth it.

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