Prince Frederick, MD – If you or a loved one made a mistake that resulted in a minor criminal record, you might be interested to know that a new law has gone into effect that can help get that item expunged or at least shielded from potential employers. 

In partnership with the Calvert County NAACP, Calvert Library Prince Frederick is hosting a speaker from the State’s Attorney’s office who can explain the application process and how the new law works. The free event will be held on Thursday, December 10 at 7:00 p.m. 

Often, people who have been arrested but never found guilty find that they face barriers to getting housing and jobs. Going through the expungement process can help. There are also certain misdemeanor convictions that can now be shielded from public access. 

For more information about the event, call Robyn Truslow at 410-535-0291 or 301-855-1862.