Calvert Memorial Hospital recently recognized four local physicians and a dentist for their outstanding leadership and exceptional service to the community. The honorees were Dr. Chang Choi for his commitment to improving patient safety, Dr. Ronald Ross for his 33-year distinguished career in emergency medicine and Dr. Hyung Ryu for his outstanding work with the CMH gynecologic oncology program.

Additionally, longtime anesthesiologist Dr. Mohammad Shahvari was saluted for his exemplary patient care and Huntingtown dentist Marsha Plater was recognized for her advocacy of the community dental clinic. A special tribute was presented in honor of the late Dr. Guillermo Zambrano for his selfless dedication to the imaging needs of the residents of Calvert County.

“We recognize that you work long hours, spend time away from your families, take middle of the night phone calls and handle emergencies around the clock so that no member of our community is without medical care at any hour of the day,” said Laurie Uherek of the CMH board of directors.

“This is a sacrifice and a gift that is so easily taken for granted,” said Uherek, “and so it gives me great pleasure to acknowledge and pay tribute to you on this special night.” The annual awards ceremony singles out those medical staff members who have advanced the health and welfare of the community through their exceptional efforts.

CMH President and CEO Jim Xinis added his thanks, as well. “For every life you touch directly, you impact thousands more indirectly through your efforts to continually improve the quality of care and patient safety in our hospital.” One of the evening’s highlights was when he read excerpts from patient’s letters talking about the care they had received.

“Dr. Ryu is passionate about the care and treatment he offers,” said Chief of Staff Barbara Estes, who presented the community service awards with Dr. J. Michael Brooks, vice president for medical affairs at CMH. In October 2009, Dr. Ryu joined the Gynecologic Oncology Center at CMH, a collaborative effort with Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. The center offers women in Southern Maryland the opportunity to be expertly treated for cervical, endometrial and ovarian cancers close to home.

“Since that time,” said Dr. Estes, “he has performed 433 cases and provided 2,091 consults,” said Dr. Estes, “and saved local women from driving over 250,000 miles to obtain these services.”

“Dr. Choi has a track record of excelling wherever he goes and, at CMH, he continues that tradition,” said Dr. Brooks. In addition to being the director of the hospitalist program, Dr. Choi was a key player in the successful implementation of computerized provider order entry (CPOE) for us