The Charles County Commissioners have already authorized the purchase of a caboose to be placed on the Indian Head Rail Trail.  On Tuesday, they spent nearly a half hour debating where to put it and what its function should be.

The locations originally debated were a siding along MD-224 and the Theodore Green Parking Area in White Plains.  The caboose, which will be restored and donated by the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Museum in Baltimore, will either be used as a trailside amenity, satellite center or a concession stand. 

“Theodore Green Blvd looks kind of ugly,” Commissioner Ken Robinson (D: 1st) said.  “What about having it in Indian Head?”

“In White Plains, is there any room for picnic tables around the caboose,” Commissioner Bobby Rucci (D: 4th) asked.  “I would like to see it used as a concession stand.”

Debra Davis asked for the commissioners to work with the Town of Indian Head and allow them to be part of the process.

“I would prefer to learn more about the proposal by Indian Head,” Commissioner Vice President Reuben Collins (D) said.  “It would provide some information for the commissioners before we make a decision.  The Indian Head Rail Trail has been a boom for the county.  I’m not going to make a decision without hearing any further information.”

“It’s exciting to see some real collaboration with the Town of Indian Head,” Commissioner President Candice Quinn Kelly (D) said.  Kelly also threw out idea of having a play area for children.

“I’d like to see it in Indian Head,” Davis said.  “It gives other groups and communities a chance to send in their ideas.  I’d like to see their proposals.”

The procurement of the caboose has been approved, and the commissioners would need to look at an option.  The location will be decided on in February.