Yvette Sanchez and Michael Swain

North Beach, MD— On October 15, 2016, at approximately 11:00am, Deputy B. Pounsberry responded to 3rd Street/Bay Avenue, in North Beach, for the report of two (2) individuals acting disorderly and intoxicated in public.

He observed an adult male stumbling and causing a significant scene near the North Beach Boardwalk. He approached Michael Swain, 57, of Upper Marlboro, MD, who was unable to provide his name or his where abouts. 

The bystanders stated a female, who was with the male, had walked away and was now leaning up against a tree further down the street.  He then approached Yvette Sanchez, 56, also of Upper Marlboro, MD, who did not know her name and was mumbling incoherently.  Deputy Pounsberry placed Sanchez in his patrol vehicle and transported her back to 3rd Street and Bay Avenue to join her friend, Swain. 

After speaking with several witnesses, they advised that Swain and Sanchez had been falling on the ground, rolling in the grass and were also seen walking in the roadway. Based on his observations and the fact that they could pose a hazard to themselves or others, he placed Swain and Sanchez under arrest for Disorderly Conduct and Public Intoxication/Intoxicated Endangerment.