PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. – CCSO Deputy Gilmore is always showing love to the dogs on her patrol route and wanted to share the love with our local pound puppies. During Deputy Gilmore’s visit to the Linda L. Kelley Animal Shelter, she met Woody, a 2-year-old, male Pitt Bull needing a ‘fur’ever home.

Woody enjoys hiking and long walks on the beach.  Per Deputy Gilmore, “Woody is a sweet pup who wants to make people happy and wants to be loved. We played tug and he rolled over for belly rubs. Woody needs some training, but is well on his way to being a great pet for an active person or family.”

If there is any interest in adopting Woody or any of his fur buddies, visit the shelter’s website or contact the shelter at (410) 535-7387 to schedule a visit. Help us spread the word and find Woody a ‘fur’ever home!

If there is no room in your home for a pet, but room in your heart for donations, the Shelter has a ‘Wish List’ of peanut butter, soft treats, canned pumpkin and rawhides if you are able to donate. Items may be dropped off for contactless delivery. #ShareAlert  #Dogoftheday #policeandpups