Local medical cannabis patient and patient advocate, Aaron Shepherd, is hosting a screening of “High as Mike” July 27, 2019, at 7:30 p.m. R/C Lexington Exchange Movie 12 at 44800 Oak Crest Drive, California, Maryland. However, this screening must sell at least 68 tickets to make it to the screen.

FanForce is a crowdfunding company, that has a network of participating movie theaters,” Shepherd said. “Once a requested film is approved, they give you a threshold of tickets that must be sold within a certain time frame.”

Usually, the time frame is 30 days.

“If the threshold isn’t met, they refund the tickets 100 percent and the film will not be shown,” he said. “They gave me 74 tickets to sell by July 16 to have the movie played on July 27.”

He said he has sold 22 but the cause still needs 44 more to meet the threshold. The cost of admission is $16 plus a $1.50 booking fee, which equates to $17.50.

The “High as Mike” documentary unfolds patient testimonies with a broad range of medical conditions and documents expert opinions and results from all sides of the medicinal cannabis debate.

“The stigma (about medical marijuana use) is very strong in Southern Maryland,” he said. “With little support from health care providers and law enforcement, it’s time that we educate the community on the safe medicinal properties of this plant.”

He said that Southern Maryland holds the some of the highest opioid addiction numbers in the state.

“If we could give doctors a tool to help this epidemic, we have to put every effort forward,” he said.  “This plant is healing people all across the planet and it’s our commitment to spread the truth.”

Tickets can only be purchased through this special link: Buy tickets!