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Fifty years after it was first sold, a 1965 Mustang returns home.

By Kent Black

Greg Loudon was only five years old the day his father, Walt, showed Terry Maxfield and her husband around the Loudon Motors lot in Minerva, Ohio. They were looking for a practical family car, so Walt showed them a yellow Ford Fairlane. Terry, a loving mother and wife with an infatuation for muscle cars, was looking for something with a little more oomph. Then she turned and saw a Caspian Blue 1965 Ford Mustang notchback. It was love at first sight. “It looked like it wanted to get up and run,” she remembers.

Fifty years later, Greg is now president of Loudon Motors Ford. It’s been a bit of a roller-coaster ride since the days when his father owned the lot: The family had to give up the dealership in 1984 after owning it for nearly six decades, so Greg started his own dealership down the road. But when the lot that housed Loudon Ford was put up for sale again in 2004, he jumped at the chance to buy it back. At the time, the company was averaging only five car sales a month—not much compared with Greg’s dealership. However, he was able to change that, guiding the  store  to  No. 1 in the district last year.

Just as Loudon Motors got back to the top, Greg received a letter from Terry Maxfield, the muscle car junkie. She still had the Caspian Blue Mustang she bought from his father and wanted to know if Greg was interested in buying it back.

After a price was agreed upon, Maxfield’s beloved companion of half a century was picked up where she lives in Tucson and shipped back to Ohio. She had been worried that the Mustang was deteriorating in her exposed carport, but when it arrived at Loudon Motors, Greg was amazed by its excellent condition.

Afraid to damage the blue beauty, Greg admits he still hasn’t driven the Mustang. “Maybe I’ll take it to Minerva’s Fourth of July parade. That would be fitting.”