LA PLATA, Md. — Did you know that it is ILLEGAL to drive over fire hose in the State of Maryland? Per Maryland Code Title 21, Subtitle 11, Section 21-1110, “Unless he has the consent of the fire department official in command, the driver of a vehicle may not drive over any unprotected hose of a fire department that is laid down on any highway or private driveway.”

In a recent social media post from the La Plata Volunteer Fire Department, the firefighters issued the reminder to community member about the potential dangers that driving over a hose may cause.

“Not only is it illegal, it is extremely dangerous for our crews and costly for the department (see picture of BRAND NEW hose that is now damaged and unusable due to negligence and incompetence of someone who was inconvenienced by us extinguishing a fire),” the post said. “It can also damage *your* vehicle.

Water is our lifeline and when you choose to drive over hose lines, you are compromising the safety of those operating at the scene and putting your neighbors’ home in even more danger.”