MARYLAND – Maryland’s gun laws are aimed at preventing someone from carrying a concealed handgun into certain areas, including schools, health care facilities, and establishments that are licensed to sell alcohol and cannabis. Stadiums, museums, racetracks, and casinos are also on the list. While the law is set to go into effect on October 1st, gun rights advocates are challenging it in federal court.

Another law raises the age to qualify for a handgun permit from 18 to 21. Maryland is also prohibiting a person from storing a loaded firearm in a place where the person knew or should have known there was an unsupervised minor who had access to the gun.

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  1. Md is going to lose Every state that went to the Supreme Court lost We have the second amendment. This state is for the criminal not the victim. FJB and all who supports him.

  2. Note: A partial injunction was granted on SB1, and not all of said bill will go into effect on Sunday. Still seeking to understand the partial injunction, so I will not comment on what I believe it to all entail at this time.

  3. I have a CC to not do drugs, sell drugs, rob or murder. Trying to protect you and your family is becoming harder and harder. I will never forget this quote.

    I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6
    “Ice Cube”

  4. Like everything else in Maryland, this is another democratic move to control its citizens. Everything about this SB1 is unconstitutional, Maryland knows it, but is doing this anyway to ensure it’s citizens can only protect themselves and their families illegally . It cares nothing about its citizen and this farce of a law proves it. For a time, only the thugs will be carrying a firearm. One idea, why not put this much effort into your school system, which has failed miserably

  5. Those idiots think restricting those places make any difference to criminals they are confused. It only makes places more unsafe. If I’m there with a gun, I’m stopping the bad guy!!

  6. To the MD Legislators: So how many innocent individuals have been injured or killed by a concealed carry licensed individual using their registered firearm in self defense or to stop the commission of a crime here in MD. That question and many more was posed to the committee that wrote this bill. They couldn’t answer the question. The sponsors of the bill, all the way up to the governor, see legal gun owners as a threat to the public, but still wont make theft of a fire arm a felony…

  7. Take away the governor’s protection since we can’t have any protection for ourselves or our family take away his and do not need to use are tax dollars don’t have to pay for his security anymore make the governor and all the lawmakers pay for this inside his courts not the people not our taxes raising our taxes

  8. Yes let’s limit the law abiding citizens who have taken the time to get a HGP. Also I feel safe knowing that all the criminals that will kill you because there girlfriend asked you for a cigarette will follow this ban. If you are killed in maryland you can communicate through a medium to press charges.

  9. Not sure they’ve thought it through. Criminals by definition do not obey the law, and are prohibited from LEGALLY owning firearms. This new law is aimed (no pun intended) at leaving law abiding citizens defenseless. Why not just increase spending on mental illness?

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