Annapolis, MD –  With Maryland’s Presidential Primary coming up this Tuesday, April 26th,I thought you might be interested in knowing how Maryland’s Republican National Convention Delegates are chosen (Particularly as our national conversation on “1237”, the majority required to win the nomination, and the possibility of more than one ballot at the convention continues.)

Maryland has 38 delegates to the Republican National Convention, and we have what amounts to 9 separate elections to select convention delegates. One for each of the 8 congressional districts, and one statewide. The winner of each congressional district wins 3 delegates, and those delegates are bound (must vote for the winner of their congressional district) for the first 2 votes. The winner of the statewide vote receives 11 at large delegates, who are bound for 2 votes. The statewide winner also receives the votes of our 3 National Republican Committee members, who are bound to him for just one vote.

A candidate who finishes second or even third, statewide could still win convention delegates, if he wins one (or more) congressional districts.

One more point: The people running for delegate on your ballot may have been endorsed by a candidate, but that has no bearing on who they will vote for on the first through third ballot. They are bound to the winner of their district, not to the candidate that endorsed them.

For example,I’m running as a delegate to the convention, and was endorsed by Marco Rubio. If I am selected, I would be bound to vote for either Kasich, Cruz, or Trump on the first three convention votes, if either won my congressional district. If more than three rounds of voting were necessary to pick a nominee, I would be free to vote for whomever I wanted on the fourth Ballot.

I hope this is helpful. Remember -I didn’t make the rules, and I’m not endorsing them – but we do have to play by them, and I want you to understand them. Please remember to vote this Tuesday, April 26th.