I would like to publicly thank the following Southern Maryland legislators for helping to pass House Bill 1113 which will prevent the sale, trade, auction, barter or offer of dogs and cats on public roadways, parking lots, county fairs, flea markets or any other public right of way: Senate President Miller, Senator Waugh, Delegate Jackson, Delegate O’Donnell, Chairman Middleton, Delegate Jameson, Delegate Proctor, Delegate Wilson, and Delegate Morgan. These legislators understand the connection between unethical breeding and the euthanasia of thousands of innocent animals. I am disappointed that Delegate Mark Fisher of Calvert County and Delegate Deborah Rey of St. Mary’s County did not support this very important bill. There are too many dogs and cats dying in our Tri-County Animal Shelter at taxpayer expense. The supply of unwanted animals needs to be reduced. This bill will prevent unscrupulous sellers from earning money by selling companion animals in public places. If signed by Governor Hogan, this bill will become law on June 1, 2016. If you witness dogs and cats being sold in any of the above mentioned locations after June 1, please contact your local animal control department.