maryland minimum wage
maryland minimum wage

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – At the beginning of the new year, the Maryland minimum wage officially rose from $12.50 an hour to $13.25 an hour for companies with more than 15 employees. Businesses that employ 14 people or less will see their minimum wage rise from $12.20 an hour to $12.80 an hour.

As for tipped employees, their minimum wage will remain at $3.63 per hour, however the tips they receive must be equal to the state’s minimum wage when added to their hourly income.

Maryland is one of 23 states in 2023 to have an increase in their minimum wage. This is also one of at least four new laws to be enacted/changed just this year alone.

The decision to gradually raise the minimum wage every year in Maryland came in 2019, when the Maryland General Assembly passed the “Fight for 15” bill that would raise the state minimum wage to $15 by 2025.

Originally then Governor Larry Hogan vetoed the bill, instead favoring a $12.10 minimum wage by 2022. This was overturned by the veto proof Democratic majority in the general assembly.

The federal minimum wage has been stuck at $7.25 per hour for over a decade now. This is an alarming fact when taking into consideration the toll that inflation has taken on the U.S. dollar.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, “today’s minimum wage hasn’t been worth this little since the 1950s.”

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  1. Can any of you live, have a home, raise a family, eat or buy gas for $13.25 an hour. Some of us have to work for this and we work a lot harder doing labor jobs. It’s sad that you think anyone can survive. Wonder why crime is so bad? Wonder why people have to depend on welfare?

    1. I made $70,000 a year in Maryland and had to leave because I couldn’t afford a place for my family to live, it’s absolutely pathetic the cost of living in Maryland

    2. Please explain why you think a MINIMUM wage would/should entitle you to a comfortable living?

  2. No one said comfortable by any means but having to eat and have a roof over ones head is a necessity! So support all the people through welfare that actually try to be responsible citizens and not the large population who refuse to work at all. Guess your one of the entitled special ones that think your better than everyone else!

  3. No one even thinks it’s comfortable but it should be enough to support yourself n family if it’s the only work you can get. Everyone has the right to live at least in an apartment n not a tent if they work. Why do you think they shouldn’t? Are you special or entitled? Are you better than anyone else because you had a better life

  4. No skill, minimum pay. That wage isn’t meant for you to live off of. That may be the only comment I’ve ever agreed with big dog on.

  5. When I was young living in a different state I made $5 an hour. I remember looking at all those older people having to work and looking stressed and run down. If you want better do better. I make well over $150K a year and that is living comfortable.

  6. That grocery store you buy food for you skilled and special people to eat pays their employees minimum wage. The people that clean up after you special people get what? Minimum wage so you don’t have to get dirty. But oh yeah they don’t deserve a home. Only you special people do.

    1. SOME employees at a grocery store MAY earn minimum wage. Not ALL workers at a grocery store earn minimum wage. “Deserve”??? You mean “entitled” don’t you?? I worked hard for what I have. Learning never stopped. Improvement never stopped. I’m not entitled to squat. I EARNED it.

  7. There are lots of skilled and educated people that have had great jobs and life but had circumstances change. Sometimes people just have to do what they have to until they get the job they are may have lost for whatever reason. Do you think they need to lose everything they worked for for setback? Hope you judgemental people never have a crisis and find out.

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