ANNAPOLIS, Md. — At a Friday afternoon press conference, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan [R] and State Superintendent Karen Salmon announced that all public schools across the state will remain closed through May 15.

This follows similar decisions that have been made across the national capitol region, with D.C. and Virginia both already having made decisions to shift their educational programs online for the rest of the academic year.

“After extensive consultation with the State Board of Education and leading public health experts in the state, I am extending the closure of schools through May 15th,” Salmon announced. “With regards to the remainder of the school year and the summer, we will use this time to examine every option and continue to develop a long term plan for recovery.”

The Maryland State Superintendent said it was imperative to continue developing equitable digital learning, and to improve access for student’ support services at home.

$207 million has been designated from the federal stimulus bill passed by congress, 90% of which will go directly to local school systems, and Salmon said she hopes this funding will “help address gaps in availability” of resources.

This is a developing story.

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