Richard K. Impallaria, Maryland State Delegate representing District 7
Richard K. Impallaria, Maryland State Delegate representing District 7

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Maryland State Prosecutor Charlton T. Howard, III announced today that a criminal information has been filed in the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County, Maryland, charging Richard K. Impallaria, Maryland State Delegate representing District 7, with multiple counts of misconduct in office, theft, and embezzlement.

The charges allege that Del. Impallaria facilitated rental payments from the General Assembly to his personal landlord using state funds for a “district office” that was actually a building outside of his district.

The building in question, which was used to store Del. Impallaria’s personal items, was located next door to Del. Impallaria’s personal cottage and shared the same owners.

The General Assembly paid, on average, double the amount of rent for Impallaria’s “district office” than any other tenant in the community. The same month the General Assembly began paying rent on Del. Impallaria’s “district office,” and after ten years of monthly rent payments, Del. Impallaria stopped paying rent on his neighboring personal cottage, which he maintained. 

Between July 2012 through and including May 31, 2022, the State of Maryland paid $92,800 in rent for the “district office,” which was located outside of Del. Impallaria’s district.  During that same time period, Del. Impallaria paid $0.00 in rent for his neighboring cottage that shared the same landlords.

The charges further allege that Del. Impallaria facilitated the creation of an invoice with an office supply vendor that reflected the purchase of office furniture which was never actually ordered. Del. Impallaria paid the full amount of the invoice, which created a credit of $2,405.30 with the vendor for the items that were not ordered. Del. Impallaria then sought and received reimbursement from the Maryland General Assembly using public funds for those items neither ordered nor received.

Del. Impallaria subsequently used the $2,405.30 credit to pay for the production of fundraising letters on behalf of his campaign entity, Friends of Rick Impallaria.

“Elected officials are expected to be good stewards of the State’s resources” stated State Prosecutor Howard. “Any official who abuses the public trust for personal gain must be held accountable.”

All individuals who are charged with a criminal offense are presumed to be innocent.

A copy of the charging document can be found HERE.

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  1. Politicians do nothing for the community and enjoy so many shady perks they snuck into legality. Why risk it with extras?

  2. Nothing to see here, just another Republican lining his pockets. At least his constituents voted him out this time.

    1. Hunter, is that you? The democrats have lined their pockets much more often than the Repubs. But liberals like yourself are blind to facts.

      1. So we’re talking about $92,000 over a 10 year period? Not saying what he did was ok but Come on Man! That’s pennies!

      1. Sure have heard of Baltimore, and those crooks belong in jail too. I note that you don’t condemn the action of this idiot, rather it’s the old but what about argument. Very original, keep up the deep thoughts.

  3. Why in the world did he PAY the company whose invoice he faked? HOW did he pay a company for an invoice he faked?

  4. I love how the Prosecutor states: “Any Official who abuses the public trust, must be held accountable.” How anyone could say such a thing, and keep a straight face, ought to take a long walk off a short pier! What a load BS!
    Most all of those Politicians abuse state funds, every day of their lives. This guy’s real crime was; “He Got Caught.”
    If the dumbed-down people of this State really knew, or ever found out about, all the entitlements their tax money goes to paying for each and every one of those Politicians in the House of Delegates and State Senate, they’d have a litter of kittens!
    Raising the State gas tax during such agonizing times, with such a large surplus already, is abuse of the public trust, to the highest degree! Every one of them should be thrown out for it, and brought up on charges of “Conduct Unbecoming; placing an unnecessary and undue burden on the Maryland Taxpayers”, who have already been “bled white” by the greedy, Maryland State Politicians!

  5. You think that’s bad? Wait til all of this gets to the good sheriff in Rio Tinto to let em see how your community amusement is doing! She’s my granddaughter, she belongs down here with us!

  6. Any public official who decides to take their constituent’s money and do dishonest things with it should go to jail. However, what the prosecutor meant to say was “Any REPUBLICANS who misuse the publics trust for personal gain will be held accountable.” Lol.

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