MARYLAND — Marylanders want Reese’s cups in their Christmas stockings. According to‘s study ranking the favorite Christmas candy treats in each state, two out of the state’s top three choices are the beloved chocolate/peanut butter combination.

The top three choices for Christmas Candy in Maryland are:

  • Reese’s Cup Minis
  • candy canes
  • Reese’s Pieces

Our fondness for the peanut butter and chocolate treat is bucking a national trend. Reese’s cups lost their top ranking in three states this year. In California and Texas they lost out to peppermint bark and in Illinois, they fell to fans of Hershey Kisses.

Nearby states have a mixed candy bowl of results. Folks in Pennsylvania love Reese’s Cup Minis. Meanwhile over in Virginia, Christmas M & M’s reign supreme. In Delaware, reindeer corn holds the top spot. If you aren’t familiar with reindeer corn it’s a good old Halloween candy corn in festive Christmas colors. 

Snickers climbed to the top in Vermont, Arkansas and Georgia.

Holiday candy sales were more than $2 billion dollars in 2019. A full 93% of people say they give the gift of candy during the holiday season. There’s no reason to expect that number to drop this year. Candy sales in general have been on the rise during the COVID-19 pandemic, around 4% so far for the year. Despite many communities cancelling Trick-or-Treat Halloween candy sales were actually up 12%.

Experts said around 60% of sales are expected to be online this year.