Leonardtown, MD –  Insurance Commissioner Al Redmer , Jr. offers the following tips to Marylanders whose property is damaged during a snow storm:

Contact your insurance company or agent immediately

Take photographs or video footage of any damage

If you have to relocate, even temporarily, make sure your insurance company or agent knows how to reach you

Before you remove any damaged property from the premises, be sure an insurance adjuster or your agent has seen it first

Keep all receipts for emergency repairs and for temporary living expenses

Make only those repairs necessary to prevent further damage to your home or business. Do not make permanent repairs without consulting your agent or insurance company, as unauthorized repairs may not be reimbursed

Keep receipts of all personal property you replace

Obtain estimates of the damage to the property from at least two contractors

Make a detailed list of all damaged property

If your insurance company denies any part of your claim, keep all of the paperwork they send you

If you hire a public adjuster, understand that your insurance company is not obligated to follow what a public adjuster determines to be your loss

Read your policy carefully so you understand what is covered and what is not

If you are not satisfied with the offer from your insurance company, you do not have to accept it.  Contact the company and explain why you think it is not sufficient.  If you are still not satisfied, you may contact the Insurance Administration at 1-800-492-6116.