Rick Bailey and Linda Kelley at Calvert animal shelter announcement
Left, Rick Bailey of Marrick Properties embraces former Calvert Commissioner Linda Kelley, right, during the May 2016 announcement that the developer would build an animal shelter for the county.

Prince Frederick, MD – The Calvert County Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday, Jan. 24 to name the animal shelter to be built in Prince Frederick in honor of former commissioner Linda L. Kelley.

“I thank her for lighting the fire and pouring gasoline on it,” said Commissioner Mike Hart [R – District 1], referencing Kelley’s activism on behalf of Calvert’s domestic animals. In late 2015, Kelley and other members of Calvert’s representatives on the Tri-County Animal Shelter Advisory Board recommended Calvert consider building its own facility. Several months after an historic joint meeting in Calvert of the county commissioner board of all three Southern Maryland counties, representatives of Marrick Properties came forward and offered to build a shelter for Calvert. The developer would lease the facility to Calvert County Government with an option to purchase later.

Kelley, who also played a lead role in the laborious process of rewriting Calvert’s Animal Control Ordinance when she was a county commissioner, has served with several organizations, including the local Humane Society, Calvert Animal Welfare League and Friends of Felines.

“This is her dream, she helped bring it to reality and her name belongs on it,” Commissioners President Tom Hejl [R – At large] stated in a county government press release.

“You don’t really say ‘no’ to her [Kelley],” Commissioner Pat Nutter [R – District 2] stated. Nutter added that several other Calvert citizens have been extremely vocal in their support for a new animal shelter, located in, and solely serving the county. Kelley, however, “has been the driving force behind this project,” Nutter said.

“It’s very fitting,” Commissioners’ Vice President Evan K. Slaughenhoupt Jr. [R – District 3] added.

“The Linda L. Kelley Animal Shelter will save all healthy and treatable animals, even when the shelter is full,” the county press release stated. “Only terminally ill animals or those considered dangerous to public safety will be euthanized.”

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