Justin Tyler Chapman

LEXINGTON PARK, Md. – On October 19, 2022, Tpr T. Eckrich conducted a traffic stop on Pegg Road at Westbury Boulevard, Lexington Park, MD.

A probable cause search of the vehicle was conducted which revealed suspected Marijuana and a loaded gun with an obliterated serial number.

The passenger, and owner of the suspected Marijuana and loaded gun, was identified as Justin Tyler Chapman, 19 of North Beach, MD.

Chapman was found to have an active warrant through the Maryland State Police Leonardtown Barrack for Attempted First Degree Murder, Attempted Second
Degree Murder x3 and First Degree Assault x3.

These charges stem from the shooting on October 7, 2022 that occurred in Lexington Park where an occupied residence was struck by gunfire. One juvenile male was already charged by the Maryland State Police in that case.

Chapman was arrested and transported to the St. Mary’s County Detention Center where he was charged with Knowingly Alter Firearm ID Number, Handgun on Person, Possession of a Firearm Minor, Loaded Handgun on Person, Loaded Handgun in Vehicle, and Handgun in Vehicle.

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  1. Sierra Hotel Tpr. Eckrich. Be careful out there. This is a good example of a stop that could have gone bad quickly. I want you to go home safe to your family after every shift. Now. Where is the accused? I hope the court commissioner has him in DOC on “No Bond”. With the violent charges he is accused of the Prosecutor should not consider a Plea deal. The judge should ensure a fair trial. When/if the accused is found guilty, the sentence should reflect the Judges commitment to protect the law-abiding citizens.

  2. STOP IT WILL YOU??!!!!! You’re the angriest people I’ve ever seen! But what else would you expect with “hit & run” parents?

    1. He’s being accused of a crime he did not even commit learn the facts of the case instead of going off what the internet is saying

    1. He’s not even a bad kid he’s innocent at that & that’s your problem now judging and don’t know that young man from a can of paint

  3. people on here giving they inputs and opinions and whole time he innocent. yall see what gets posted on the internet, not what goes on in his everyday life.

  4. people on here giving they inputs and opinions and whole time he innocent. yall only seeing what gets posted on the internet and think yall know wtf going on. & never spent 1 day in his shoes. #freejustin

  5. You reap what you sow, and MD political party in power for the last 30 years have sowed soft crime, welfare state and amnesty to reap votes that keep them in office. You get what you deserve people.

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