Hollywood, MD – The Ghosts of Sotterley Tours: Lost in the woods: Tales from the Past were a success this year, selling out every tour available from Oct. 23 – 31. On Halloween, it was a cold and dreary night, with echoes of horrified screams and howling all around.

Not only was it a fright fest, but actually very informative on the history of the Sotterley Plantation, purchased in 1699 by a man named James Bowles. It continues to be a historic landmark to this day. Because it was a plantation, many generations owned slaves, who endured hard work and heartache. Today, Sotterley is the only tidewater plantation in Maryland open to the public that is a testament to all those that lived, died, labored and resisted there.

Could it be haunted? If you joined the tours this year, did you get chills? Photos taken during one of the walks revealed the presence of orbs–a white light that some believe are spirits.

If you didn’t get a chance to go, get your ticket early next year…and then you decide.

To attend their upcoming events, visit: http://www.sotterleyplantation.com/events-sotterley.htm