The number of heroin overdoses in Calvert County and across the nation continues to increase annually.  Prescription drug abusers are finding it more difficult to get their hands on the often abused prescription pills and have subsequently turned to heroin as a cheaper more easily accessible alternative.  Fraudulent prescriptions continue to be a significant problem, in addition to the heroin epidemic. 

As a result of the increase in heroin overdoses in Calvert County, the Sheriff’s Office has trained and equipped the majority of our patrol deputies with NARCAN.  When deputies arrive on the scene of overdoses with unconscious subjects they administer NARCAN which reduces the side effects of the substance the individuals have overdosed on.  Individuals who have overdosed and receive NARCAN are transported to Calvert Memorial Hospital where they are seen by a doctor before they are released.  While the NARCAN takes the side effects away and brings the subjects out of their unconscious state, it does not take the substance out of their system.  If the subjects “shoot up” or ingest heroin or other opiates after being administered NARCAN without being seen by a doctor, the potential for a fatal overdose is significantly increased.  Individuals who call for assistance for subjects who have overdosed are exempt from facing criminal charges.

Calvert County Sheriff’s Office patrol personnel continue to make arrests for violations of the controlled dangerous substance laws.  The CCSO Drug Enforcement Unit focuses on arresting and prosecuting those selling controlled dangerous substances.  While law enforcement throughout the state continues to battle the heroin epidemic, it is a far bigger problem than law enforcement can address alone.  Citizens are encouraged to contact Calvert County Crime Solvers at 410-535-2880 to report any tips on drug or illicit activity.