CALVERT COUNTY, Md. — Power2Parent Union, a national nonprofit focused on protecting parental rights, recently opened a chapter in Maryland, naming Southern Maryland native Melissa Goshorn as state director.

After being established in Nevada over seven years ago, Power2Parent has expanded into a national union. This union looks to identify, equip, train, and mobilize parents so they can advocate for their children’s needs with their parental voice. Currently, Maryland is the fourth state that has a Power2Parent chapter.

“As they organized with parents, they quickly realized that if anyone wanted to be heard they had to join,” Melissa Goshorn said. “Unions are powerful forces because of their collective voice and power in numbers whether it is people or finances.”

Goshorn, who recently filed suit against the Calvert County Board of Education with several other community members, clarified this move has nothing to do with the lawsuit. However, this is a move to give power back to the parents.

“Our entire goal with Power2Parent is to bring the power back to the parents so they can speak on behalf of their children,” Goshorn explained. “My goal as state director is to make people aware that this union exists by giving them the information they need. “

To get people informed about the organization and activity, Goshorn plans to have monthly training sessions where people interested in the union can join.

Goshorn believes it will take a while to build strength in numbers before they are a veritable force. But, when the time comes, they hope to make changes.

It can be noted that all plans from the union are voted on by its members.

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