Pickup trucks are one of the most versatile vehicles to have. They can work great for families. Even if it’s just for personal use, you will still be able to take advantage of its load capacity and road power. Businesses, of course, can have many uses for this type of lightweight truck as well.

Pickup trucks, however, are one of the most expensive types of vehicles to buy. Brand new ones can cost a fortune, especially the ones with the several latest modern or innovative features. As such, it is important to do your research well and choose the right pickup from the start, if you will be buying one for the first time.

Below are some important questions you should ask yourself if you will be buying a pickup truck for the first time:

How many people will the truck regularly carry? Aside from yourself, who are your intended passengers? Will you be using this truck to regularly transport your family or even your employees? It is important to ask and answer this question since there are various types of pickups: the standard cab, which has bucket seats for three; the extended cab which has jump seats or a bench seat in the back; and the crew cab, which has a full second row of seats with two full sets of doors. You don’t want to spend more than you have to so choose a pickup that will serve your needs for comfortably transporting the right number of passengers regularly.

How much horsepower do you require? If you will only be using the truck to haul groceries, it will work to your advantage if you get a compact model. If you have to pull a 30-foot fully loaded trailer frequently, experts recommend you get a one-ton model. However, if you will be driving light loads, pick an engine with less horsepower.

How much load capacity do you need? This pertains to both your passengers and regular cargo. This is an important factor to consider since you need to choose a pickup with the right Gross Vehicle Weight rating or GRV. Trusted truck dealers explain that GRV refers to the maximum weight of a fully loaded trailer.

Do you need a 2-wheel or 4-wheel drive pickup? Will you be driving regularly on city streets or unpaved and rough roads? Two-wheel drives are usually cheaper to buy and are better on gas and as such, if you don’t need to go off-roading, buy this type. If your job requires you to drive on muddy and unpaved roads, it is best to get a four-wheel drive since you’ll get better traction; however, you won’t enjoy fuel economy.

Finally, should you get a long or short truck? The usual type of cargo you will be transporting will also determine the bed length of the pickup you have to buy. In general, bed length ranges from five feet (short box) to six feet (standard box) to eight feet long (long box).

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