Everyone has heard about the various organizations and people that helped the families at the trailer park on Route 231 in Calvert County. I would like to inform the community of the efforts of two more entities that received no credit in all of the previous reporting.

The Interlude Pet Resort and Spa in St. Leonard, a private boarding facility, graciously took in 11 of the cats owned by families in that trailer park. The local animal control department contacted the Interlude Pet Resort, and without hesitation, they agreed to allow the animals to come to their facility.

Most of the cats were not vaccinated, spayed or neutered.  The SPOT in St. Leonard came through and agreed to fund the necessary veterinary care for these animals. This greatly helped the families. The Interlude Pet Resort and Spa in St. Leonard has been helping homeless animals for over a decade now.

They are a for-profit business, but they tirelessly open their doors to help needy families and pets in our county.  As a volunteer in animal welfare, I have taken numerous homeless dogs to Interlude and their wonderful staff has housed, fed, loved and cared for all of these dogs at no cost.

Please support The Spot and The Interlude Pet Resort and Spa in St. Leonard.

The next time you visit The Spot or Interlude, thank them for being a shining example of business that gives back to the community.