LA PLATA, Md. — The following release was put out by the Reopen Charles County organization regarding a recent lawsuit they have filed against the Charles County Board of Commissioners.

“Reopen Charles County LLC, an organization representing over 100 Charles County Businesses and Individuals, filed a lawsuit for injunctive relief against the recently enacted Mask Mandate by the Board of Commissioners. Absent an emergency declaration by the Governor of Maryland, the citizens represented by Reopen Charles County believe the mask mandate implemented by the Commissioners is a burdensome overreach by the local county government into the lives and businesses in Charles County. “On Thursday, September 9, 2021, Reopen Charles County LLC filed a motion for temporary restraining order against the continued implementation of the indoor mask mandate in the Circuit Court of Charles County,” according to Alexandra Rak, the founder and CEO of Reopen Charles County.

“We take no pleasure in having to seek a legal remedy in this situation but feel it is the only way that the small business owners and citizens against mandates can be heard in our county,” said Rak.

Reopen Charles County was established as a volunteer-run movement to return to normal after COVID-19 pandemic closures in the spring of 2020. After a summer of recovery with no burdensome face coverings or capacity restrictions, the community was dismayed to see the return to an indoor mask mandate with no opportunity to present alternate arguments to the elected Board of Commissioners. The group then organized as a LLC in order to take more effective steps toward ending the mandates which put Charles County businesses and individuals at a disadvantage compared to surrounding counties.

Reopen Charles County LLC is seeking crowdfunded support for the legal fight at

Reopen Charles County LLC exists to represent citizens at a local or state level in issue-based advocacy efforts in which they have a stake or vested interest. Established in August 2021 after operating as a volunteer movement in 2020, Reopen Charles County represents over 100 businesses and families from Charles County through grassroots activism. Contact us at or find us on the web at