Sara Marie Mann age 21, born in Fort Bragg, NC, died in her family home in La Plata, MD on November 4th, 2022. Sara will forever be missed, loved, and always be known as the one that will talk during the conversation!

She was brought into this world by her father Darin Mann, while he was working at Special Forces medic. Sara hit the ground running advanced for her age, talking like a teenager before 7 years old. She was born with an old soul! She never played with dolls, choosing to play with friends more than toys and wow, she made a lot of friends fast. When she signed up for soccer at the age of 6, she would get yelled at by the coach for not running after the ball because she was always talking to one of the other girls on the field!

For her 12th birthday she wanted a small “girls-overnight” party, after the arrival of 14 girls… was evident that more clarification was needed on how many friends was considered small and are coming to the next party!

She was an avid competitive cheerleader at Unique Sports Facility, the “fly-girls” was one of her many teams as she was a base spotter to the builds. She tried out for the junior varsity team at LPHS and with her amazing talents, she was advanced to the varsity team in the 9th grade. She was on a travel team and competed in competitions in North Carolina, Pittsburg, New Jersey, Atlanta, Indianapolis, and all over Maryland. This intense schedule did not slow her down one bit, she maintained a 3.9 grade point average and was able to graduate one full year early.

Sara was well known for her doodling artwork, crayon drip paintings with a hairdryer, and an avid junior photographer. She had at one point over 40,000 photos on her I-phone…. asking for a second phone as she ran out of storage. If Sara started talking, you had to interrupt her to input your two words before she started to overtalk you again. Her gift of gab came from her great grandmother Bonnie Mann.

Sara was a chromatophilic, however green was her favorite color. You would have sworn she was born in the 1960’s as she dressed like a modern rustic hippie, always the trend setter. She followed nobody but always was a loyal friend to so many people. If you were blue, she would invite you over and cheer you up with an all-night dance party, clothes collage, and make up.

Sara demonstrated an early desire to learn medicine during ACLS training class of hospital staff in Detroit Michigan when she was just 8 years old. Her passion in medicine continued in high school when she entered LPHS’s advanced biomedical training program. She would volunteer to help her father in the University of Maryland cadaver lab, training paramedic students from CSM. She could intubate a cadaver like an anesthesiologist. She was on the path to become a physician; then she discovered her passion to become a businesswoman. She developed her first business, “Joe & Go Coffee” which were coffee stands in Maryland. Unable to secure the funding for the startup, that did not stifle her dreams of owning her own business. She then shifted focus back to cosmetology and obtained her Esthetician certification. The business wheels were turning, and she quickly developed her second business “Drop of Hunni Waxing and Skin Care.” She was so passionate about teaching women about their feminine hygiene and her hippie side transferred into this business as well with her insistence of making all her own products from scratch with only known organic ingredients.

Sara is survived by her two young children Gaylin age 2 and Wesley 5 months, her father Darin L. Mann, brother Darin M. Mann (Ontayah), sister Casey Johnson (Jacob), sister Christine Golightly (Steven). As well as many aunts, uncles, and cousins whom will dearly miss her.

Condolences may be made to the family at

All arrangements by Brinsfield Funeral Home & Crematory, P.A. in Charlotte Hall, MD.

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