PINEY POINT, Md. — The following post was made by the Second District Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad on Facebook, talking about a recent trip their members made to Piney Point Elementary School.

“October is National Fire Prevention Month and SDVFDRS is paying visits to each of the schools in our district to take the time to educate and talk with students about fire safety.

Teaching children about fire safety can make a lifesaving difference and that’s why we look forward  to meeting with students and practicing hands on safety scenarios each year.

On October 7, members visited Piney Point Elementary School and had fun as they practiced stay in control: stop, drop and roll, never fear firefighters in gear, fire escape plans, dialing 911 and know when to go when you hear the sound of a smoke detector alarm.

A special thank you to the faculty and students at Piney Point Elementary for allowing us to be apart of your day.”

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