SoMD is rallying for justice after the news of the beheading of two Black Labradors found the morning of July 14 by residents on Parlett Morgan Road in Mechanicsville.

“The St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division is continuing the animal cruelty investigation,” SCCSO sent out in an update this morning.  “The Sheriff’s Office is requesting public assistance with information identifying the owners of the dogs.”

The release read that this is a very focused investigation and an update will be released later today.

An outpour of concern and disbelief filled SoMD social media posts, comments and conversations throughout Sunday and into Monday when it was confirmed to be true by St. Mary’s County Sheriffs Office.

“It is disturbing,” said Kim Summy, Parlett Morgan Road resident. “People are horrified.”

It was Summy’s post to find the owners of the animals that initially raised the awareness and concerns:

Summy said when she noticed no one is stepping up to claim the dogs; she realized the community needs to raise funds for a Crime Solvers reward, so she started a GoFundMe page for the cause.

She said all of the funds have now been raised for the cremation and proper burial of the animals.  She said this is thanks to Summer Somer, Hurley’s Heart Bulldog Rescue and all of its supporters.

“Now, the primary goal is to raise enough money that someone will hopefully talk,” she said. “Business leaders, community leaders, everyone even if you only have $5 — everything helps.”

In another post, Summy went onto say:
DISTURBING Two Black Labrador Retrievers were found discarded behind my home on Parlett Morgan Road in Mechanicsville, MD. They had been decapitated and thrown in the ditch. Crime Solvers is offering up to $1,000 for information about the crime that leads to an arrest or indictment. Our community can do better than this to find justice for these two dogs. Any amount that you can spare will get us closer to finding the individual that did this. If you can’t DONATE, it’s OK, just SHARE 🐶.

“It is one thing to kill a dog (which is horrible),” she said. “But it is a whole new level of gruesomeness to do this to innocent animals like these two beautiful dogs.”

She said many people are stepping up to help.

“I saw this morning that a Calvert County Commissioner Kelly Mcconkey posted a $1,000 reward,” she said. “People from all over Southern Maryland are getting involved — people that are not even in this county.”

Summy said she has reached out to community leaders and suggest TheBayNet speak to John O’Connor.

“There is no place in our society or community for these horrific acts against innocent creatures,” St. Mary’s Commissioner John O’Connor said this morning (July 16). “We have an outstanding Sheriff’s Office and Animal Control staff who I know are working diligently to find the suspect.”

He went onto say, “Furthermore, we have an amazing community that always comes together to help solve these types of crimes.”

She said the dogs were found by her neighbor the early morning of July 14 and that the St. Mary’s County Sheriffs Office responded quickly. However, it was upsetting that the dogs laid there for another 36 hours.

“I am not trying to put down the work of the county,” she said. “It was upsetting to many people because they were left there for so long.”

She said she doesn’t know the processes of the county but wanted to make an important note about the handling of the situation.

The release from SMCSO asks anyone who has information to contact Detective Edward Vogt at 301-475-4200 extension No. 8145 or by email at

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